• Community Builders to Launch as Independent Nonprofit

  • Reset and rethink

    RESET research shows that single family homes have a big role to play in today’s changing home market.

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  • Walkability

    Developers and realtors are touting the “walkability” of certain neighborhoods … but what does that term actually mean? We take a deeper look at the ‘worth’ behind the ‘word’.

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At Community Builders, we know that a strong community creates a stronger economy. We provide information, research, insight and analysis for developers, realtors, planners, public officials and engaged citizens who are actively building stronger economies in the towns and cities of the American West. Learn more about our Building Blocks platform here and more about who we are here.


February 1, 2016


Webinar Recap: Transportation Safety

We had a great webinar last Wednesday, if you missed it, here are a few highlights: Transportation planner, Jim Charlier, President of Charlier Associates joined us with his presentation, “Why Everybody...

January 8, 2016


What we’re reading – craft breweries

This week, we're reading about the economic and demographic trends driving the spread of craft breweries, and more, including commercial development, transportation, and more. [more]...


Taking Flight: Community Builders Launches as New Nonprofit Organization

I’m delighted to share some exciting news: Community Builders is heading out on its own. Yep. On January 1, we begin life as an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local leaders build strong, prosperous communities. From Program to Nonprofit: … [more]

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This video is about choices. We explore why choices matter when it comes to building thriving communities and how, looking forward, we can make wise choices about the future.
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Community Builders Webinar Series

The Community Builders Webinar Series showcases the stories of people in the business of building stronger communities. We feature developers, planners, and community leaders who are at work creating complete...

Buena Vista

What is the Community Builders Network?

Community Builders… Ok, what the heck does that mean?  Is it a person?  A group of people?  A whole town?  Can you be a community builder?  Yes, yes and yes....


Featured Publication: Place Value

Place Value explores what attracts, grows and retains business and entrepreneurship to the Rocky Mountain West....