• Family Friendly Downtowns

    What factors in to making a family friendly downtown? Jennifer Hill explores.

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  • Roadway Interchange, or Celtic Knot?

    Think you can tell the difference?

    Roadway Knot
  • Bike Rules

    Bikes are not cars, but why do the rules for cars apply to bikes?



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April 23, 2015


What we’re reading – artists spur redevelopment

Hi Friends, It’s that time of the week again, to pass on our buzzworthy news finds. Read on to learn more about how artists are spurring redevelopment and how well-being is being...

April 23, 2015


Webinar Recap: Outdoor Pedestrian Malls

We had a great webinar yesterday, “Diagnosing Success: Why Some Outdoor Pedestrian Malls Succeed and Others Fail,” featuring Jim Charlier, President of Charlier Associates. Here are a few highlights: At...


What we’re reading – Car reliance in the US & the world

Hey folks, we’re gearing up for the weekend. Here are a few things that caught our attention this week: How car reliance squeezes the middle class. Thoughts HERE and HERE. Not suprisingly, the U.S. has one of the highest rates … [more]

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This video is about choices. We explore why choices matter when it comes to building thriving communities and how, looking forward, we can make wise choices about the future.
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Community Builders Webinar Series

The Community Builders Webinar Series showcases the stories of people in the business of building stronger communities. We feature developers, planners, and community leaders who are at work creating complete...


Featured Publication: RESTORE

Commercial and mixed use development trends have changed course in recent years. Retailers are seeking smaller spaces and “right-sizing” their locations. Young shoppers, accustomed to buying on the internet, are...

Buena Vista

What is the Community Builders Network?

Community Builders… Ok, what the heck does that mean?  Is it a person?  A group of people?  A whole town?  Can you be a community builder?  Yes, yes and yes....