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Community Builders Webinar Series

The Community Builders Webinar Series showcases the stories of people in the business of building stronger communities. We feature developers, planners, and community leaders who are at work creating complete neighborhoods, growing diverse economies, and protecting natural assets.

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Our webinars reach hundreds of people each month, including top professionals in the real estate and economic development sectors. Your support will be a first step in building relationships with our audience and creating stronger communities. For more information, contact Alison Berry.

Upcoming Webinars


Downtown Redevelopment: The Role of Small-Scale Manufacturing

Featuring: Ilana Preuss, Founder of Recast City

Wednesday, December 9, 2015, noon-1PM Mountain Standard Time

This webinar will feature a discussion on the role of small-scale manufacturing in downtown redevelopment. Small-scale manufacturing businesses serve a key role as tenants for new real estate products and rehabilitation of older buildings, they create higher quality jobs in a community, and bring energy to towns and cities. Ilana Preuss, Founder of Recast City, will introduce and define these small-scale manufacturing businesses, present examples of their impact and benefits to communities big and small, and discuss how to bring them into downtown and neighborhood center development.


This webinar is eligible for 1 AICP certification maintenance credit, pending approval from the American Planning Association


Why Everybody Talks About Transportation Safety, But Nobody Does Anything About It

Featuring Jim Charlier, President, Charlier Associates

Wednesday, January 27th, noon-1PM Mountain Standard Time

In the next webinar in our ongoing transportation series, Jim Charlier will use his decoder ring to open up the secret chamber of transportation safety facts, data and trends.  Are five-lane streets dangerous?  Is it accurate to assume congestion relief improves traffic safety?  Why do some state Departments of Transportation say they care about safety, but support raising highway speed limits?  Who keeps track of safety data and why is data on local accident trends so hard to find?  Are pedestrians and bicyclists over-represented in accident statistics?  Do protected bike lanes make sense as safety improvement projects?  These are important questions that we need answers for if we are going to reduce injuries and fatalities.  Jim will examine the influence that land use context, facility design and regulations have on traveler safety, and will identify strategies that local governments and local advocacy groups could use to track and report safety facts.


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